I and love and the Avett Brothers

If you have never heard of the Avett Brothers, then I apologize for not introducing them to you sooner. I’ve been a growing fan of them this past year or so, thanks to fellow Grister and co-Avett obsessor, David Roberts. I finally attended one of their shows in Seattle at the Paramount Theater this past July (touring for their album I And Love And You), and it was hands down the best musical experience of my entire life. The Avett Brothers’ performance swayed between a continuum of high energy alt-folk-rock and the singular, haunting tones of emotion — all told through the voices, guitar, and banjo/piano of brothers Seth and Scott Avett, stand-up bassist Bob Crawford, and cello-swinging Joe Kwon (currently with them on tour).

Words fail to describe the power, elegance, and sincerity of their style, their lyrics, their musical threads. I swoon. And I replay their music relentlessly.

See what I mean here in their moving ballad, “I And Love And You”:

And here, experience the incredibly artistic pairing of music and painting in this video for their thought-provoking song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise”:

The video portrays the inevitable lifecycle of human development. As NPR reports it:

“Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise” was written about the temporary nature of our buildings and our mentality,” says Scott Avett.  “Accepting the temporary state we may be in. (Artist) Jason (Ryan Mitcham) with his landscape paintings, and some that I’d seen that he’d animated, dealt with the temporary nature of the world around us.”

Rather than make a bunch of different paintings for the animation, Mitcham gradually altered a single painting 26-hundred times. Ten alterations to the painting equaled one second of film.

Now that you’ve been introduced, you have no excuse not to love them too.


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